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APPLICATION FORM - Nashville School of MusicTM


Complete the application form below, then Register to reserve your spot.

Application for Nashville School of MusicTM
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      SUMMER SESSION DATE 26-27 July* on location Nashville, TN. Including "HOW TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR CAREER AND BE SUCCESSFUL" with hit songwriter, master recording, and career mentoring sessions.   CONTACT for individual on-demand sessions year 'round.

Please complete all items. When you are finished, click SEND at bottom, then call the corporate office at 615 902.0509 or REGISTER to reserve your spot at NSM * Star Search.


Where did you hear about Nashville School of Music?

I plan to attend Nashville School of Music[tm] - Star Search School of Music® this July YES   NO
I plan to showcase YES   NO

I have read and understood DISCLAIMER. (All NSM students and parents print & sign Disclaimer before attending.) YES   NO


Full Legal Name  
Name you prefer / Pseudonym / Stage Name  
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Message Telephone:

Favorite recording artist    
Favorite celebrity of all time    
Favorite singer/instrumentalist in your genre or style    
Favorite songwriter in your genre or style    
My biggest inspiration is    
Do you perform? Where?    

Where I hear music (check all that apply)   Church   Friends   CDs   Radio   Internet   TV   Concerts/Live   Other
Instruments I own  
My hobbies  

Payment Method:
VISA/MC Phone Mail check/Money Order

Reference (if any)   Comments (if any)

MINORS UNDER 18 ONLY - Complete grey area with your parent

My parent and I have read and understood DISCLAIMER YES   NO
Parent: Please print and sign Disclaimer. Mail it or bring with you to NSM. You must attend NSM with your minor.
Parent or Guardian Name  
Parent Telephone Numbers  
Parent Address  
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Student age  
Your school  
Your grade  

Music/drama/art teacher name    
Favorite teacher    
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School Address     School City     School State/Province
  School Postal Code

(click once only) (you will stay on this page when form is sent)

NOTE! If you can't send this email form from your computer, copy & paste, with your answers to all the questions, into an email and send it to nashschool @ nashvilleschoolofmusic.com. Be sure to enter "STAR SEARCH SCHOOL OF MUSIC® APPLICATION FORM" as your Subject.

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